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How to reclaim the Constitution from decades of judicial abuse

The following was written by Rita Dunaway and originally appeared on

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Calling all young people in the DC area! RSVP now for Politics Outside the Party

Republican? Libertarian? Independent? Who cares?

Isn’t it time for the parties and elected officials to govern for our future—the youth of America?

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Report: Medicare for All more like National Debt for All Time

A new report from the Mercatus Center has found that the implementation of a national, single-payer healthcare system would cost the U.S. government -- and, by implication, the U.S. taxpayer -- about $32 trillion over the course of the next ten years.

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Judge Napolitano: Convention of States would "terrify Chuck Schumer"

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on the Tom Woods Show recently and voiced his strong support for Article V and a Convention of States.

He explained that even if the states come close to calling a Convention, the "Chuck Shumers of the world" would be terrified that they'd be out of a job in the new system.

Listen to the full interview below.

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Sen. Tom Coburn to state leaders: "Kill the cancer in DC!"

In the video below, former U.S. Senator Dr. Tom Coburn urges hundreds of state legislators to confront the cancerous centralized government by calling an Article V Convention of States.

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WASTE: Earmarks jump nearly 50% between 2017 and 2018

It should come as no surprise that the dam burst on earmarks in fiscal year (FY) 2018. 

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Daniel Horowitz SOUNDS OFF on incompetent Congress

Frustrated with your representatives in the U.S. Congress but can't quite explain why?

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"God bless the 'deep state'"? WaPo editor calls for open rebellion

If you’re wondering what D.C. elites believe about the vast web of bureaucrats that occupy the alphabet soup of government agencies -- sometimes called “the swamp” or “the deep state” -- look no further than a recent op-ed in the Washington Post entitled “God bless the ‘deep state.’”

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Obamacare is down the drain, but how do we keep this from happening again?

The Congressional Budget Office has reported that Obamacare premiums are expected to rise by about 15 percent between 2018 and 2019.

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The ten worst Supreme Court decisions of all time: Episode 2 - Chevron v. National Resources Defense Council (1984)

This is the broadest expression of the power of the Executive Branch to make law.

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We asked young people: Is the federal government broken? (video)

These men and women are wise beyond their years.

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New documents uncovered: Scalia reveals his true opinion of an Article V Convention of States

Though uttered 37 years ago, these words don’t seem the least bit out of date today.

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Introducing AmazonSmile for Convention of States!

AmazonSmile is a program in which Amazon automatically donates 0.5% of every purchase you make on You don't spend an extra cent -- Amazon sends the money directly to the Convention of States Project whenever you use their website.

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Farris: "When we let D.C. decide how much power D.C. has, we're toast"

The problem within our federal government is simple: the President, Congress, and the Courts regulate their own power. Fortunately, as Michael Farris explains in the video below, the solution is found within the Constitution itself.

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Dunaway: Only "schizophrenic conservatives" believe the Constitution is illegitimate

I have long awaited the day when our body politic could finally bury specious allegations that our Constitution is illegitimate. This appalling urban legend has, for far too long, demeaned our founding document and denigrated the great men who wrote it.

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Become a Super Volunteer! Start a Facebook fundraiser for the Convention of States Foundation. (Here's how)

The COS Foundation seeks to provide education and training on an Article V Convention of States, the Framers’ constitutional plan to preserve self-governance in the United States of America.

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Constitutional Philosophy for Regular Citizens, Part VI: Why Federalism Matters More Than You Think

The following was written by Convention of States co-founder Michael Farris, and is the sixth in his recent series on constitutional philosophy. Click here for Part Ihere for Part IIhere for Part III, here for Part IV, and here for Part V.

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Natelson: Missouri decision proves courts can get it right on Article V cases

A state trial court in Missouri recently handed the Article V movement a major victory.

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State Rep: "The Founders could see a day when the feds showed no regard for the people"

State Rep. Brett Hildabrand served as a Kansas commissioner to the first-ever Article V Convention of States Simulation, and in the video below he explains why he believes the Founders included the Convention of States option in Article V of the Constitution.

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Feds spend taxpayer dollars studying the sex lives of quail on cocaine

The following was written by Convention of States President Mark Meckler and originally published on his Patheos blog.

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