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Asleep at the wheel: Why the Founders would be shocked we don't have federal term limits

The following was written by COS Texas volunteer William Collins and originally published on the Convention of States Texas blog page.

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The more things change in Washington...

Now that the Kavanaugh fiasco is more-or-less over, Americans are turning their attention to November’s midterm elections.

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Feds will soon spend more on interest payments than the military

As the nation watches this week’s Kavanaugh hearings with bated breath, a threat is rising against our country that no one wants to talk about -- or fix.

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Coburn: First Principles Are at Stake in Kavanaugh Confirmation

The following excerpt was written by Sen. Tom Coburn and originally appeared in RealClearPolitics. Sen. Coburn now serves the Convention of States Project as a Senior Advisor.

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Kavanaugh hearings prove it: SCOTUS has become too powerful

Our country's obsession with one Supreme Court appointment hasn't come as a surprise to anyone. But we should also ask the question, "Is it supposed to be this way?"

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NEVER FORGET: 9/11 news coverage from around the world

Never forget the men and women who lost their lives 14 years ago today. Never forget the bravery of the firefighters, policemen, and medical personnel who sacrificed themselves for their fellow citizens. And never forget that the freedom we enjoy in our great country comes at a price -- it must be fought for, preserved, and passed on to future generations.

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Obama seized enough land and water in 8 years to cover Texas three times

In one of his final moves out of the Oval Office, Obama executively designated more than 1.5 million acres of land as national monuments, preserving their untouched façade while closing them to human expansion, development, energy use, ranching or state or local jurisdiction.

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School is open! Sen. Ben Sasse explains how SCOTUS should work

The following was originally published in The Week.

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Ben Shapiro: "James Madison and the Founders weren't afraid of a runaway convention"

Conservative commentator and national speaker Ben Shapiro recently explained on his podcast how we know James Madison and the Founders weren't afraid of a runaway convention.

He begins talking about the Convention process at 54:10.

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Op-Ed: The Founders believed SCOTUS shouldn't impact public policy

The following excerpt was written by Convention of States Oklahoma District Captain Ryan Walters and originally published on the Daily Caller. It does an excellent job explaining how we've allowed the Court to expand far beyond its original scope.

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New Signs Social Security Is Going Insolvent

A report suggests that Social Security is facing serious financial woes.

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The story that started it all: How George Mason gave the states a way to save the nation

As one of the leaders of the American Revolution, Col. George Mason knew a thing or two about the dangers of centralized power.

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Coburn: How To Restore The U.S. Constitution To Its Rightful Preeminence

The following was written by Convention of States Senior Advisor Sen. Tom Coburn and originally appeared in The Federalist.

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New Report: Social Security robs Americans rather than helps them

When the feds step in, Americans lose. A new report from the Heritage Foundation has found that Social Security robs Americans of greater income before and after retirement. Check out the excerpt below.

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Bureaucrats are the worst: NY Department of Health shuts down boy's lemonade stand

Bureaucrats have one goal: to implement policies and expand the power of the agency.

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Guess your share of the national debt! (You might want to sit down for this)

Today, August 28, 2018, every American taxpayer owes $176,103.

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Federal takeover of the Internet? Leaked paper proposes heavy regulation

When you're the federal government hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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The Founders just walked into the room. What would they say about the state of our country?

Imagine James Madison and George Washington walk into a room filled with Americans concerned about the future of their country. 

What is the response of these two great men when those Americans explain their concerns?

Prof. Rob Natelson thinks he knows what they would say.

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New poll: HUGE minority of Americans now favor socialism

Gallup has uncovered a troubling trend among a significant minority of Americans.

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Report: Massive government spending spree on the horizon

One of the worst things about federal bureaucracies is that they have no incentive to spend money efficiently. If they don't use their entire budget one year, they risk losing that money the next. 

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